Do you want butterfly visitors or residents? Butterfly residents will be on your property, if you have both host and nectar plants.

Butterfly gardens need both host and nectar plants, preferably prairie plants to attract butterflies. Butterflies lay their eggs on their own preferred host plant, but will feed on many different nectar plants.  Most common annual and perennial plants have little or no flower nectar, thus many flower gardens will not have butterflies.

We offer for sale many magnet butterfly nectar and host plants and seeds.

Suggested Butterfly Plants in Bloom:

May-July            Golden Alexander

June-August            Red Beebalm

July-September Mountain Mint

July-September Purple Coneflower

July-September Bergamot

August-Sept.            Sweet Black Eyed Susan

August-Sept.            Joe Pye Weed

August-Sept.            Meadow Blazingstar

August-Sept.            Stiff Goldenrod

August-Sept.            New England Aster

Host Plants for Female Butterflies

Monarch-Milkweed (swamp/red preferred)

Mourning Cloak- Birch, Poplar, Willow

Painted Lady-Hollyhock, Sunflower, Thistle

Cabbage White-Cabbage, Nasturtium

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail-Willow, Cherry

Red Admiral-Nettle (False & Burning)

Wood Nymph-Grasses (Bluestem, Wild Oat)

Spangled Fritillary-Violets

Yellow Clouded Sulfur-Alfalfa, Clovers

Viceroy-Willow, Aspen, Cottonwood

Eastern Tailed Blue-Alfalfa, Clover

Giant Swallowtail-Common Rue, Prickly Ash

Black Swallowtail-Dill, Queen Anne’s Lace

Hummingbird Moth- Cranberry, Viburmum

Baltimore Checkerspot- Plantain, Turtlehead

Buckeye-Snapdragon (also vine), Plantain

There are about 40 butterfly species that are located

In Outagamie County, Wisconsin